August 2017

Cindy and I are about settled, most of the boxes are unpacked and rooms situated. We are still establishing our new Kresge/Cedartown routine, which will probably take us a few months to establish. New phases on the journey of life are full of fun, frustration and questions. We thank God for the support of our Kresge family who have made this much more fun than frustrating and provide answers for all our questions.

We are still listening and learning. The more we learn about Kresge’s past the more we are excited about the possibilities for the future. One thing is for sure, as long as we are headed in the direction God desires us to go and are doing the things God wants us to do, we’ll be fine.

Hopefully, by the time we get to Labor Day, we’ll be past just shaking hands and getting know each other much better. We look forward to developing deep, long-lasting friendships centered on Christ.

In the near future, we plan to host several different groups at the parsonage. Some events you can look forward to are: a parsonage open house, dinners with different groups (AC Leaders, each of the standing Committees, all those who help with worship, all of our Shepherds, the youth, our young adults, etc, etc).

We want you all to feel welcome to visit at the parsonage. The parsonage is the Kresge’s house and we are thankful to call it home. We are thankful for the work done before we moved in and the assistance to continue to make improvements.

As the new school year begins in our community lets figure out ways we can be inviters, all of us as individuals and us together as a congregation. What can we do, where can we go, what events can we attend and be a part of in the community, that puts our face and name out there.

I hope you’ll join me in discovering the places we can go, and the disciples we can make, as we grow with Christ.

In His grip, Ed2017





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